Classic IT Professional

(DIR/MGR) CLASSIC IT PROFESSIONAL …who has come up through the ranks. With a career dating back to the ’90s, databases and the backend systems critical to every business sucked this candidate into IT. Having worked in manufacturing and healthcare, this professional has seen the good and bad of ERP systems, their implementations, and their execution. An adaptable, social, and critical-thinking IT leader, experience has taught this candidate to look beyond the surface of system issues and assess the big picture. Critical of unnecessary module costs while remaining cognizant of data conversion/reporting challenges, staff training issues, and other facets of system implementations/management that vendors and consultants don’t like to talk about during their sales pitch, this candidate also brings CIO-level knowledge and experience, including critical skills and responsibilities such as Strategic Planning, Risk Management, Security and Budgeting. Additional skills include: IT Project Management; Hardware; UNIX; Windows desktop and server OS; Apple OS; MS Office; Remote Desktop; Active Directory; ERP; Epicor; Syteline; Salesforce; Oracle; SQL; Business Continuity; Disaster Recovery Planning; LINUX; ServiceNow…and more! #p-116028