CIO – Manufacturing and Distribution

(CIO/VP/Executive) This Chicago-based candidate is an effective change agent and solutions focused leader with over 15 years in IT building trusting relationships with deep and wide exposure to business processes. Excellent communicator aligning and motivating others to accomplish team goals. Leads with integrity and creatively identifies cost effective solutions that create win-win outcomes.  Stays abreast of AI and industry trends to promote the integration of modern technologies to increase ROI.…

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Enterprise Support Engineer

(Architect/Programmer) Information Technology professional with 25 years of experience working with Oracle EBS Applications. Prefers working in challenging environments; where the skill to solve problems through new technologies or reverse engineering is fostered and encouraged. Takes pride and strives to stay conscientious of the quality of his work. Past support and implementation roles included assisting in evaluating and providing a triage of client issues as well as developing final solutions.…

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Classic IT Professional

(DIR/MGR) CLASSIC IT PROFESSIONAL …who has come up through the ranks. With a career dating back to the ’90s, databases and the backend systems critical to every business sucked this candidate into IT. Having worked in manufacturing and healthcare, this professional has seen the good and bad of ERP systems, their implementations, and their execution. An adaptable, social, and critical-thinking IT leader, experience has taught this candidate to look beyond the…

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