In August of 2022, Ben Banik joined the Integritas Search team to help promote and grow the Information Technology arm of the firm. Ben is a 25+ year veteran of IT with a work history that includes technical support, training, consulting, programming, administration, and management. As a member of the Top Echelon network of recruiters, Ben has access to thousands of clients and candidates not only here in Michiana, but across the country.

Are you an IT professional?

If you are an IT professional, connect with Ben today, even if you are not actively searching for employment. It is always a good idea to talk with a recruiter who understands your area of expertise, your career goals and ambitions, and the job market. Start by sharing your contact information and resume below.

Need help finding IT pros?

Finding the right IT candidate who matches both your technical needs and your corporate culture can be difficult. It is easy to find applicants on Indeed, ZipRecruiter or even LinkedIn, but will they be the right fit for your organization and do they truly have the skills their resume claims? Start a conversation with our team today and learn more about our candidates.