Hello, Friends of Integritas! 

Amidst football season, a mid-term election all eyes are on, concerns over inflation, fuel prices, and other worldly concerns, the recruiting and staffing industry remains robust.  While some lay-offs and cutbacks have opened up the light industrial talent pool a bit, the professional levels we work at Integritas remain tight, with most professionals currently employed, many confidentially work with us to explore a move to a better opportunity! 

According to Staffing Industry Analysis (SIA), job openings nationwide increased by 4.5% in Q3, with many tech-related openings.  In Michiana, we notice continued demand in accounting, human resources, engineering and manufacturing management roles, and IT-related positions (we uncover more IT roles every week since the addition of Ben Banik to our team, [email protected]!). We have included our awesome IT candidates below! 

Big Shout-Out to all of our close business friends and referral partners!  We appreciate you all and will continue working hard to help Michiana businesses grow toward a positive and successful 4th Quarter in 2022! Now, let’s get down to our Integritas starting line-up:

CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER WITH PRIVATE EQUITY EXPERIENCE!  With an MBA and many years of experience in manufacturing serving numerous industries, this candidate possesses a tenacity coupled with an approachable and pleasant working style that peers and subordinates (and recruiters!) really appreciate, keeping cool under pressure and doing what it takes to meet goals and get the job done!  Willing to travel and handle projects at corporate or division levels, strengths include financial reporting and analysis, cost projections and forecasting, and hiring / team-building! 

EXPERIENCED TAX ACCOUNTANT AND MORE!  A degreed accounting professional with recent experience focused on tax preparation work for individuals and small businesses, this candidate is also a licensed insurance agent (health/life and property/casualty) with strong sales skills, very comfortable with client-facing work.  Now in an active search for a new permanent position with benefits, this candidate is flexible and willing to take on multiple responsibilities, including human resources, given the health benefits knowledge base! 

HUMAN RESOURCES BUSINESS PARTNER / DIRECTOR!  Confidentially looking to make a change due to organizational changes and increased demands for hours worked, this candidate has proven record of increased responsibilities.  Recent areas of focus in the last few years include training and retention programs, risk and compliance, policies and procedures development, change management, and strategic planning.  All that said, this candidate developed through years of hands-on work that included customer service, payroll and benefits, and much more!  Now focused on “fit” long-term and family!   

TALENTED CORPORATE STRATEGY PARTNER AND LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROFESSIONAL – Homegrown professional seeking a change in culture and exciting challenging opportunity! This impressive candidate has an MBA, is a disciplined former collegiate athlete, is highly organized, positive, excellent follow-up skills, and a natural leader. Would transition well into most industries but prefers an organization with a culture of integrity and good mission!

OPERATIONALLY FOCUSED EXECUTIVE!  A CPA and MBA professional and long-time friend of Integritas has held roles in manufacturing at corporate and plant/division levels, including CFO, General Manager, and COO!  Seeking a new opportunity due to some unexpected changes in current role.  An extremely bright, creative, and well-liked team member who is hands-on in tackling issues common to manufacturers of all sizes and numerous industries, ready to explore a new role! 

COST ACCOUNTING MANAGER – Cost accountant with a great resume! Has public, manufacturing, staff accountant, assistant controller, financial reporting manager and cost accountant manager experience. Confidentially exploring possibilities in the Michiana area.

SEASONED CFO / CONTROLLER – AVAILABLE FOR TEMP! –  Not wanting or ready for retirement, this candidate never lost hands-on accounting skills and wants a role like that, something without the stresses of an executive level job.  We know this candidate very well; a quick ramp-up pro with track record of stepping into challenging clean up type of situations!


SENIOR ACCOUNT MANAGER/ACCOUNT MANAGER TEAM LEAD – A skilled Senior Account Manager, this customer-focused candidate has a strong background in managing customer relationships and internal teams. Salesforce experience, project management, invoice management, excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and team player are just some of the qualities of this candidate, but did we forget to mention this candidate has a passion for technology, is a skilled troubleshooter, was an IT support specialist, and even has web design and marketing skills? Contact us today to discuss this multifaceted candidate!

IT PROGRAMMER/MANAGER – Energetic IT candidate with strong programming, project management, customer service, and support experience who is looking to apply existing programming, analytical and managerial skills in a more tech-focused work environment!  Add an array of soft skills that aren’t always found in tech-minded individuals, including a drive to “continuously learn and grow professionally” and a passion to “teach and guide coworkers and customers,” and this candidate could be a perfect fit as your next IT programmer, project manager, or software/app QA or support director.

CIO/CTO/CONSULTANT – This hot candidate brings 20 years of technology infrastructure and executive level experience and an MBA from a top-tier program. Recently focused on applying his deep understanding of complex issues that affect both business and technology, our candidate has provided IT guidance on over 300 private equity transactions across all industries with revenues from $5M to $5B. Prior to that our candidate developed and executed a strategy to mitigate the risk of a legacy mainframe environment to provide a platform for growth and stability, while reducing long-term cost for a local company. Whether your industry is manufacturing, healthcare, finance, consulting, start-up or just about anything, this candidate has the experience to fix your IT infrastructure, grow your business or assist with due diligence on a merger or acquisition.

CIO/CTO – This candidate has a 15-year history of getting things done–and getting things done within or under budget! Focused on improving the use and efficiency of technology in the workplace, this candidate has experience directing and managing an IT staff of over 80 and a budget just shy of $10M. Additionally, our candidate is no stranger to collaboration and communication, often called upon to explain and decipher complex IT projects and initiatives for top-level stakeholders down to line-level staff. Throw in the ability to multi-task and multi-manage and this candidate would be a great addition to any company, but is particularly well suited for the non-profit, public sector, service or healthcare industries.