Our Information Technology Candidates include: Help Desk Technicians and Support Staff, Windows Administrators, Cloud Administrators, Network Administrators, Systems Engineers, Network Engineers, Cloud Architects, Network Architects, Systems Architects, Programmers, Cyber Security Specialists, ERP Specialists, IT Consultants, IT Managers, IT Directors, VPs, CIOs, CTOs and other IT leadership.

IT Director or Executive

(DIR/EXEC) ERP, PROJECT MANAGER, COMPUTER TECH and an MBA …are just some of the skills this talented candidate brings to the table. 25+ years in technology with multiple roles in multiple industries, this candidate loves the “people” part of technology–making tech work solutions work for the people who operate the business. A big picture, holistic thinker, working with executives on strategic planning and delivering on initiatives drives this candidate to take…

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(CTO/VP) A TECHNOLOGY LEADER ...with more than 21 years of experience in high-performing teams, SaaS, scalable architecture, and cloud computing technology. A cross-functional leader leveraging strong communication, technical acumen, and interpersonal skills to gain buy-in from key stakeholders and senior leadership. A pioneering adopter of distributed remote teams structure. A skilled architect and technologist with a prosperous history of technology selection. Experienced in leading a start-up business, private equity, and…

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