(CTO/VP) A TECHNOLOGY LEADER …with more than 21 years of experience in high-performing teams, SaaS, scalable architecture, and cloud computing technology. A cross-functional leader leveraging strong communication, technical acumen, and interpersonal skills to gain buy-in from key stakeholders and senior leadership. A pioneering adopter of distributed remote teams structure. A skilled architect and technologist with a prosperous history of technology selection. Experienced in leading a start-up business, private equity, and M&A with strong budgeting and financial management. Skills and experiences are too many to list, but here are the highlights: Software Development/Engineer; Development Director; Servant Leadership; Scalable IT Architecture; Talent Acquisition and Team Building; Enterprise-grade Software Development; Strategic Planning; Risk Identification & Mitigation; Budgeting and Fiscal Control; Multi-functional Collaboration; Full-Stack Engineering and Tooling; Agile Development and Scrum Methodology; SaaS; Cloud Infrastructure; Azure; Start-up Direction and Growth…and more! On-prem in northern Indiana or remote. #p-98702