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Hello, Friends of Integritas!

Everyone is BUSY!

This seems to be our mantra at Integritas as we work into Q2. Most of our friends of Integritas, associates, vendors, and members of networking groups we belong to say the same thing – “…we’ve been very busy, or wow, we’ve been really buried!” We realize there are some sectors in business that are slowing down, but others remain in growth mode and need good people. At Integritas, we have been hard at work helping many executives find new roles in accounting, HR, IT, and many manufacturing roles.

Temporary assignments have become more in focus for us as 2023 rolls out, and we find ourselves reflecting on the benefits temporary staffing can provide during an economic downturn:

COST SAVINGS: Hiring temporary executives can be more cost-effective than hiring full-time employees, as companies can avoid paying for benefits and other costs associated with full-time employment.

FLEXIBILITY: In an economic downturn, companies may need to adjust their operations quickly to adapt to changing market conditions. Hiring temporary executives can provide the flexibility needed to make these adjustments without committing to long-term employment contracts.

ACCESS TO SPECIALIZED EXPERTISE: Temporary executives can bring specialized expertise to a company, such as financial management, restructuring, or marketing. This can help companies navigate through difficult economic conditions and emerge stronger.

REDUCED RISK: Hiring temporary executives can reduce the risk of making a bad hiring decision during uncertain economic times. Companies can evaluate the performance of temporary executives before making a long-term commitment to hiring them full-time.

INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: Temporary executives can hit the ground running and quickly begin working on projects without the need for extensive training or onboarding. This can help increase productivity and efficiency during an economic downturn.

Overall, professional temporary executive staffing can provide companies with the resources they need to navigate through economic downturns, while also providing flexibility, cost savings, and specialized expertise. Let us know if we can help you round out your team!

…and on the IT side, our colleague and IT executive recruiter, Ben Banik has been hard at work growing our candidate pool. We have several new IT Generalists with strong sys admin, network admin, technician and helpdesk/customer support skills and backgrounds. Plus, we added a Solutions/Enterprise Architect and new candidates with programming skills. Click the “Integritas | IT” link on the website to get more info on these candidates and be on the lookout for Ben’s next newsletter in a few days!

Our awesome colleague, Erika Staszewski stands ready to assist you. Erika is a Top Echelon Network ace user and often finds candidates from different parts of the country to fill these types of roles!


HANDS-ON CFO WITH OPERATIONS EXPERIENCE! Having helped to steer this privately owned manufacturer through Covid while positioning for an eventual sale, this friend of Integritas wants to now begin confidentially exploring opportunities. A degreed accounting professional with twenty years of progressively responsible experience, completing an MBA while working. Successful work has included ERP optimization, cost reductions, manufacturing reporting and FP&A, Board level communications, team building, and training, and cost accounting!

ACCOUNTING AND PROJECT HR PROFESSIONAL – AVAILABLE FOR TEMP! We are pleased to be assisting this highly analytical and experienced young professional who has demonstrated the knack of stepping into new roles and challenges quickly, including jumping into cost accounting, financial analysis projects, compensation analysis and reporting for 1,000-plus employee organizations, and more! Super-user of HRIS Workday system and a very strong Excel user! Contact us for more info!

SENIOR HR GENERALIST – Very strong generalist with advanced “customer service” skills and great emotional intelligence. This emerging talent may be ready for a director role, but can certainly improve any HR team. Bring services and manufacturing HR skills – ready for a challenge!

UNIQUE HR/FINANCE TALENT – Loads of tech experience including Finance, Compliance, Operations, and Human Resources! Skilled at designing and implementing innovative solutions to solve complex business problems and building relationships with key stakeholders. Large institution and manufacturing experience.

DIRECTOR OF FINANCE – CPA – Excellent background in healthcare and service business sectors. Engaging and smart accountant with strong planning background, technical skills, team development and solid communication skills. Experienced at developing and maintaining relationships with both internal and external constituents.

VP of HR – Open to Work on the next assignment! Skilled C-level HR with vast experience in manufacturing. Could be a transformational leader at your facility! Core competencies beyond SHRM skills include leadership, team development, operations, and much more!

ACCOMPLISHED CFO – Looking for next assignment. Prefers to stay in Michiana. Skills include corporate finance and analysis, audit, ERP implementation, and overseeing large accounting teams. Big company experience has sharpened this candidate’s saw and your team can benefit!

DIRECTOR OF MARKETING – Purpose-driven former college athlete is looking to build on successful assignments. Can remake or improve your marketing efforts. image and communications efforts. High emotional intelligence makes this candidate a great addition to any local business.

HUMAN RESOURCES BUSINESS PARTNER / DIRECTOR! Confidentially looking to make a change due to organizational changes and increased demands for hours worked, this candidate has proven record of increased responsibilities. Recent areas of focus in the last few years include training and retention programs, risk and compliance, policies and procedures development, change management, and strategic planning. All that said, this candidate developed through years of hands-on work that included customer service, payroll, and benefits.

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