Call Center Tech w/ Network Admin Skils

(Technician/Administrator) This Retail Sales Manager turned IT Technician has had his share of experiences since 2018. Best suited for Help Desk/Call Center support work, our candidate is very disciplined and structured even in high-stress situations. A DeVry graduate with a degree in Network Communication Management, Cisco Networking, (and an Associates in Electronics) he is looking to find a position that allows him to blend his customer service skills with his…

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Help Desk Manager w/ Tech and Admin Skills

(Manager/Administrator) Knowledgeable and proficient results-oriented Help Desk Manager/System Administrator/Information Technology Specialist with years of demonstrated success in designing and supporting networks, hardware systems both on-prem and in the cloud while supporting the end user with an emphasis on administration and technical analysis of multi-client operations. Am an enthusiastic professional with a deserved reputation for delivering technology and procedure driven solutions on time and with an eye on increasing system reliability,…

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A/V and IT!

A/V AND IT (Technician/Help Desk) - This new candidate relocated to Michiana at the start of the year. Currently wrapping up contract work, this candidate is a results-driven IT Specialist with 8yrs+ of experience providing technical assistance and resolving IT issues in diverse environments.┬áProficient in diagnosing and troubleshooting hardware, software and network problems to ensure minimal downtime and optimal system performance, there is little this candidate can't resolve. Skills include:…

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IT Business Analyst

(Admin/Manager) IT-minded Business Analyst with a 20+ year career heavily focused on CPQ, information/data analysis, and manufacturing/operations software systems and integrations (ERP/MRP/BOM - Syteline/Dynamics). Root cause analysis makes this heavy thinker with a tenacious curiosity tick. Strong team leadership (US Army leadership training), organization, project management, user training and software skills are highlighted throughout his work history. Ready to tackle the tough data analysis issues faced by smaller manufacturing companies…

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IT Technician/Administrator

(Admin/Generalist) This IT Technician and IT Administrator is used to doing it all in the manufacturing environment. With 20+ years of experience, this candidate started in the trenches with lots of hands-on technical experience that led to a wealth of applicable knowledge. With a significant amount of hardware and Windows desktop experience, this candidate was given the chance to delve into SQL early in his career which fostered a desire…

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IT Service Desk Manager, Network Engineer, Systems Administrator

(DIR/MGR) IT SERVICE DESK MGR/NETWORK ENGINEER/SYSTEM ADMIN ...with 10 years of experience in providing excellent customer support to end-users, working independently and with teams to close large scale dollar projects within budget. Aiming to use meticulously analytical, creative, interpersonal, and technical skills to fill your IT needs. Skills include: Team Management; Active Directory; Troubleshooting; Helpdesk Management; Team Management; Upgrades and Deployments; VMWare; Microsoft 365; LAN/WAN/Firewall Support; Documentation; Cabling..and more! #p-115268

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IT Administrator/Generalist

(ADMIN) BACK HOME AGAIN Indiana! This candidate just moved back to Indiana while finishing a BS in Information Technology. With a background that includes managing information systems in a school system, this candidate is looking for career growth and leadership opportunities and is ready to tackle management responsibilities. TestOut ("CompTIA") certificate in Network Pro and Computer Pro speak to her generalized skills, applying her knowledge and training in a…

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Network Engineer/IT Administrator

(TECH/ADMIN) NETWORK ENGINEER/IT ADMINISTRATOR - This candidate does not get rattled! Perhaps the most upbeat IT person you will ever meet! With a BS in Network Engineering and Security and a minor in Information Technology, this young professional is on the way to bigger and better roles. Compassionate and a quick thinker, this candidate would be great in an IT Support role--or even better, leading a help desk or support…

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