Systems Admin w/ DELL EMC

(IT Admin) With a Bachelor's degree in Informatics and related coursework/training in databases, web-based programming (HTML), Java, Digital Multimedia, Networking and Digital Forensic Science, this candidate's most valuable asset is his EMC2/Dell EMC certification and specialization. Starting as a computer specialist/tech in the public sector (public education), this candidate moved into a Dell EMC Customer Engineer role performing break-fix services for Dell EMC equipment for over 150 customers including Kohl's,…

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IT Programmer/Manager w/ Customer Skills

IT PROGRAMMER/MANAGER – Formerly a Customer Service and Account Manager, this energetic IT candidate with strong programming, project management, customer service, and support experience is looking to apply existing programming, analytical and managerial skills in a more tech-focused work environment!  Add an array of soft skills that aren’t always found in tech-minded individuals, including a drive to “continuously learn and grow professionally” and a passion to “teach and guide coworkers and…

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Help Desk and Technician

(TECH/SUPPORT/ADMIN) IT HELPDESK SUPPORT SPECIALIST AND TECHNICIAN - A dual threat, this candidate has both end-user support and hardware skills. An Apple, Dell and Lenovo certified technician, this candidate is steadily increasing his skills as he grows. Wanting to stay busy and wanting to learn hands-on, he is ready to make a move into Systems Administration or lead your IT Support team. Skills include: PC/Apple Technician; Tier 2 & 3…

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IT Administrator/Generalist

(ADMIN) BACK HOME AGAIN Indiana! This candidate just moved back to Indiana while finishing a BS in Information Technology. With a background that includes managing information systems in a school system, this candidate is looking for career growth and leadership opportunities and is ready to tackle management responsibilities. TestOut ("CompTIA") certificate in Network Pro and Computer Pro speak to her generalized skills, applying her knowledge and training in a…

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