Michiana’s Favorite Recruiting Firm…Again!

Hello, friends of Integritas!

We were informed last week that our great little firm of Integritas has once again been named “Michiana’s Favorite Recruiting Firm” in the Northwest Indiana Business Journal’s “Best of Michiana Business” awards! See the results here: https://nwindianabusiness.com/bestof/.

It’s always nice to be appreciated and our team of Mike Niedbalski, Pete Owsianowski, Erika Staszewski, and Ryan Fitzpatrick work hard every day to earn this sort of recognition. We really do strive to live up to being “Michiana’s Most Connected Recruiters” and are constantly meeting executives and clients to make sure we can match up needs and expectations. It is no shock to anyone paying attention that the executive recruiting environment has changed and continues to morph faster than a newly discovered virus variant. Wages are going up, counteroffers are more frequent and it seems no one is unemployed at the executive level – there is more than enough work to go around and some accounting and HR teams are stretched thin. Change is accelerating and data seems to bear this out. By 2027, Gig workers are expected to make up 51% of the workforce—more than half! Last February 4.4 million workers quit their jobs and 6.7 million workers were hired. There are currently 11.3 million open jobs! At Integritas, we have doubled down on our efforts to connect with people seeking new opportunities and are working on new connections every day.