(ADMIN/MGR) BACK HOME AGAIN …in Indiana! This candidate just moved back to Indiana while finishing a BS in Information Technology. With a background that includes managing information systems in a school system, this candidate is looking for career growth and leadership opportunities. TestOut (“CompTIA”) certificate in Network Pro and Computer Pro speak to her generalized skills, applying her knowledge and training in a formal System Admin or IT Team Supervisor role with upward mobility would be an ideal fit for this people person. #p-115171

(CTO/VP) A TECHNOLOGY LEADER …with more than 21 years of experience in high-performing teams, SaaS, scalable architecture, and cloud computing technology. A cross-functional leader leveraging strong communication, technical acumen, and interpersonal skills to gain buy-in from key stakeholders and senior leadership. A pioneering adopter of distributed remote teams structure. A skilled architect and technologist with a prosperous history of technology selection. Experienced in leading a start-up business, private equity, and M&A with strong budgeting and financial management. On-prem in northern Indiana or remote. #p-98702

(DIR/MGR) IT SERVICE DESK MGR/NETWORK ENGINEER/SYSTEM ADMIN …with 10 years of experience in providing excellent customer support to end-users, working independently and with teams to close large scale dollar projects within budget. Aiming to use meticulously analytical, creative, interpersonal, and technical skills to fill your IT needs. #p-115268

(ADMIN/MGR) SUPPORT/APPLICATIONS SPECIALIST …with a BS in Informatics and a focus on human-centered computing. SysPro ERP experience, Sys Admin and VoIP experience, budgeting and project management responsibilities define the professional characteristics of this also boys’ basketball coach who is ready to step up to the next challenge. #p-116390

(EXEC) A TECHNOLOGY LEADER …with more than 21 years of experience in high-performing teams, SaaS, scalable architecture, and cloud computing technology. A cross-functional leader leveraging strong communication, technical acumen, and interpersonal skills to gain buy-in from key stakeholders and senior leadership. A pioneering adopter of distributed remote teams structure. A skilled architect and technologist with a prosperous history of technology selection. Experienced in leading a start-up business, private equity, and M&A with strong budgeting and financial management. On-prem in northern Indiana or remote. #p-98702

(TECH/SUPPORT/ADMIN) IT HELPDESK SUPPORT SPECIALIST AND TECHNICIAN – An Apple, Dell and Lenovo certified technician, who has steadily increased his skills as he grows, this candidate is ready make the move into Systems Administration or lead your IT Support team. #p-115367

(DIR/MGR) FOCUSED ON SOLUTIONS – This candidate brings 20 years of IT experience to the manufacturing industry. As a “do it all” IT manager/directory, technical responsibilities have included JDE ERP, network, Active Directory, DR and programming knowledge. Never afraid to be hands-on and willing to be that “go to” person, this candidate is a leader looking to expand roles and responsibilities. With strong IT and line staff training skills, this leader is well suited for a growing, successful, employee or family owned company that encourages open communication and participation. #p-115962

(DIR/MGR) CLASSIC IT PROFESSIONAL …who has come up through the ranks. With a career dating back to the ’90s, databases and the backend systems critical to every business sucked this candidate into IT. Having worked in manufacturing and healthcare, this professional has seen the good and bad of ERP systems, their implementations, and their execution. An adaptable, social, and critical-thinking IT leader, experience has taught this candidate to look beyond the surface of system issues and assess the big picture. Critical of unnecessary module costs while remaining cognizant of data conversion/reporting challenges, staff training issues, and other facets of system implementations/management that vendors and consultants don’t like to talk about during their sales pitch, this candidate also brings CIO-level knowledge and experience, including critical skills and responsibilities such as Strategic Planning, Risk Management, Security and Budgeting. #p-116028

(DIR/EXEC) ERP, PROJECT MANAGER, COMPUTER TECH and an MBA …are just some of the skills this talented candidate brings to the table. 25+ years in technology with multiple roles in multiple industries, this candidate loves the “people” part of technology–making tech work solutions work for the people who operate the business. A big picture, holistic thinker, working with executives on strategic planning and delivering on initiatives drives this candidate to take the next step up the ladder. #p-116194

(EXEC) HIGH LEVEL IT EXECUTIVE …with a proven local track record. If you are closing M&A deals, this IT executive is ready to put his skills to work for you! Leading the integration of technology platforms and business processes of multiple acquired companies into a single, unified system is just one of his specialties. Developing strategies for growth and scalability, negotiating contracts, reducing cost while improving efficiency, building best-in-class private cloud architecture, and experience supporting dozens of ERP products are the skills you need on your executive team! #p-116291

(DIR/EXEC) AN IT LEADER WITH MORE TO PROVE – Responsible for managing all aspects of applications in previous positions, this candidate with an MBA is looking for increased responsibility and voice. Most recently an ERP Director leading a team of twenty for a company with a global footprint, our candidate has also been an independent consultant focused on business solutions, project management and leadership skills. In addition to ERP system implementation skills, this candidate excels in business process management, strategic and tactical IT planning, vendor and customer relationship management, software development life cycle, manufacturing technology and project management. This leader is dedicated to “Bridging the technology gap to reduce costs, increase company revenues, and create and maintain a competitive and healthy infrastructure.” #p-116031

(DIR/MGR) ERP MIGRATIONS AND INTEGRATIONS …are this IT professional’s thing! Less of a “report writer, business analyst” type of director and more of a hands-on, in the weeds director, this IT pro is skilled in lean manufacturing and continuous improvement philosophies, and is well versed in building, maintaining, supporting, upgrading, reviewing, researching and security ERP systems. Step back from ERP systems and you’ll see this candidate also has experience with System and Network management ranging from MS365 to VMWare to VoIP and beyond. Solution oriented with strong skills, this dedicated professional recognizes that smaller, growing companies need a director who can plan/grow/shrink with the time and make appropriate-sized, budget conscious decisions. #p-88641

SOLUTIONS/ENTERPRISE ARCHITECT – Local to NWI (Northwest Indiana), this Solutions/Enterprise Architect is focused on making systems work. Whether you need to modernize a legacy system or implement a new solution, this candidate has a background in numerous programming languages, platforms and solutions. Capable of working the full lifecycle of software development or jumping in at any point of the cycle, this candidate is open to permanent, long-term or short-term work on-prem, hybrid or remote and is willing to relocate. This candidate has more than 27years of Global experience in IT industry in Technical as well as Managerial Roles in domains such as Banking, Financial Services, Insurance etc. Experienced in Legacy Modernization, Application Portfolio Analysis, Application Portfolio Rationalization Projects, Desktops, Mainframes, Client Server, Middleware, Distributed Web, Mobility and UI.  Upskilled in Digital Technologies such as AI/ML using Python, Cloud using IBM Bluemix and MicroServices using SpringBoot there are simply too many skills and systems to list. If you need systems solutions, you need this candidate. #p-114344

VERSITILE AND DETERMINED – A versatile and determined IT leader with 25 years of experience in Information Technology, TCP/IP
Communication, and Certified Ethical Hacking (both offensive and blue team). Experience includes working in
various roles, from providing Help Desk support and Tier 3 POS/PMS support, to managing advanced switching and
and operating a private cybersecurity company. With a growth mindset and teamwork at the core, this candidate has designed networks from the ground up and has improved existing networks with a proven track record of delivering high-quality solutions to meet business needs. #p-113552

IT PROFESSIONAL SINCE 2003 – This candidate has supported, maintained, diagnosed, configured, & repaired the bulk of hardware/software aspect of an I.T. business infrastructure. Committed to achieving the highest levels of customer service to each task, project, & goal. Diverse background & skill set could integrate seamlessly into any network environment with an immediate positive impact. An ambition to become your I.T. support for your company today, for a more successful tomorrow. #p-114047

PROGRAMMER FOR CONTRACT OR PROJECT WORK – This candidate likes to work projects on a contract basis for companies struggling to get multiple systems to talk or that need help pulling information from a database source into a usable format for reports, billing, shipping and more! He’ll jump in, assess, and propose solutions at the coding level then either write the code or develop the process to get you back on track and running as efficiently as ever. #SystemsIntegration #SystemsDevelopment #DataAnalysis #DataManagement

NETWORK SECURITY SPECIALIST – Currently based in Atlanta, GA but a South Bend, IN native, this network security specialist has spent the last couple years working at GM’s IT Innovation Center in Georgia. With a penchant for learning and applying new skills rapidly and efficiently, this candidate received his Cybersecurity Certificate from Georgia Tech and is pursuing certifications in CCNA and Security+. A background in general contracting lends itself to effective communication and project management skills. This candidate brings a strong passion for ALL THINGS IT, including programming and cybersecurity, both research and practical aspects. This candidate also has a penchant for Data Analytics/Data Science and is eager to put those skills to work as well! Time and/or assistance for relocation would be needed should he return to the South Bend or Chicago markets so plan ahead to meet with him now! #p-112727

HIGH SCHOOL INTERN/SUMMER HELP – We have a connection with a high school student looking for a summer job. Not something we normally tackle, but this kid is bright! He enjoys a/v work at his church, builds Raspberry Pi machines in his “free time,” and really enjoys working with servers and learning about networks and security. He is trying to figure out what facet of IT is most appealing to him and wants a chance to see IT in action. If you have a summer project or need some part-time IT “manual labor” and are willing to mentor this Elkhart county student, send Ben an email ([email protected]). #p-111704

ACCOMPLISHED IT EXECUTIVE – …with an impressive journey of successfully delivering breakthrough results. Transformative leader with experience as CIO, GM, Operations VP, and Executive Consultant. Diverse background in Information Technology, SaaS Development, Operations, and Consulting in multiple industries. Strategic, competitive, and highly collaborative. Champion of change. Servant Leader – adept at building high performance teams, achieving operational excellence, improving customer service, and driving results. #p-99395

CIO/CTO/EXECUTIVE CONSULTANT – An accomplished global executive with 23 years’ experience in both consulting and corporate information technology known for strategically utilizing technology to solve businesses toughest issues by developing and executing technology and operational strategies to efficiently meet the needs of the business. Our candidate has provided IT guidance on over 300 private equity transactions across all industries with revenues from $5M to $5B. Performance and results oriented professional, known for having a high internal drive for success, thinking strategically, resolving mission critical issues quickly, to ensure corporate success. With an undergraduate degree in Management of Information Systems and an MBA from Notre Dame, you’ll want to talk to this candidate today! #VIP000004410

CIO/CTO – This candidate has a 15-year history of getting things done–and getting things done within or under budget! Focused on improving the use and efficiency of technology in the workplace, this candidate has experience directing and managing an IT staff of over 80 and a budget just shy of $10M. Additionally, our candidate is no stranger to collaboration and communication, often called upon to explain and decipher complex IT projects and initiatives for top-level stakeholders down to line-level staff. Throw in the ability to multi-task and multi-manage and this candidate would be a great addition to any company, but is particularly well suited for the non-profit, public sector, service or healthcare industries. #p-90122

IT PROGRAMMER/MANAGER – Energetic IT candidate with strong programming, project management, customer service, and support experience who is looking to apply existing programming, analytical and managerial skills in a more tech-focused work environment!  Add an array of soft skills that aren’t always found in tech-minded individuals, including a drive to “continuously learn and grow professionally” and a passion to “teach and guide coworkers and customers,” and this candidate could be a perfect fit as your next IT programmer, project manager, or software/app QA or support director. #p-81710

MULTI-FACETED IT PROFESSIONAL – …with Tier 1 and Tier 2 technical support, help desk and infrastructure engineer experience. Skilled problem solver with the ability to diagnose complex issues in databases, programming, and data security. Dependable with strong project management and interpersonal skills. With a BS in Computer Science, this candidate’s hard skills include Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Java, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, Go, Python, C/C++, WordPress, Google Apps, GitHub Enterprise Management and NGINX. #p-99428

SEASONED IT PROFESSIONAL – …with broad experience in both service and manufacturing entities. Provides design, development, and support for various projects and systems. Robust project management and training skills, task-oriented, with strong interpersonal skills. Possesses working knowledge of Spanish, excellent technical, and communication skills. 8+ years of experience as a Telecom/VoIP Engineer (Cisco, Mitel) and capable of handling your organization’s systems or network administration and engineer role in Cisco/Microsoft environments. #p-95303

NETWORK ENGINEER – This candidate has the skills and energy to get started as member of your IT staff’s network division. Technical skills include Cisco IOS, Windows desktop & server, Linux (Ubuntu), VMWare, and Cisco VoIP Telephony. Eager to apply his knowledge, this candidate wants to grow with a company into a Senior Network Engineer or Network Design Engineer and “enjoys” the troubleshooting and security aspects of networking. A great option to groom a specialist for a larger IT team or the perfect fit for the smaller company in need of an employee who can tackle nearly any aspect of the network. #p-95369

MORE THAN JUST A TECHNICIAN – This candidate has a strong background in low-voltage electrical work with a passion for working in AV and IT environments. Always the first to volunteer to do more on the job, our candidate has stretched their skills beyond the responsibilities of a line tech. With a long resume that includes network and telephone wiring infrastructure, desktop/user support, working with switches and firewalls, security/conference/server/AV room and system designing in addition to foreman responsibilities, our candidate is looking for more responsibility and the opportunity to establish roots within an established company. This candidate would prefer a position that allows for design, implementation, project management and team leadership opportunities in a remote or hybrid work environment where the candidate’s focus, friendly disposition, and ability to adapt and learn quickly are valued. #p-91145

SENIOR ACCOUNT MANAGER/ACCOUNT MANAGER TEAM LEAD – …with a passion for (and the skills to back it up) technology. A skilled Senior Account Manager, this customer-focused candidate has a strong background in managing customer relationships and internal teams. Salesforce experience, project management, invoice management, excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and team player are just some of the qualities of this candidate, but there’s more! Our candidate is a skilled troubleshooter, has history as an IT support specialist, worked in crypto, and even has web design and marketing skills. This candidate is finishing a programming degree and wants to blend her management, teaching, technical, and creative skills in a technology environment where she can grow. #p-81710

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