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CEO / COO – Dynamite!  A change agent with proven results following years of management and Lean training overseeing multiple locations for a large, well-known corporation, this candidate moved onto run a business, then to function as COO for a $30M distributor locally, increasing overall sales and efficiencies in a very short time through strong communication and enthusiastic, engaging means.  Certified in Covey principles.  Seeking a new leadership opportunity with a local company.  Available for consulting (temp) or direct-hire placement through Integritas.


CFO – “Emerging Talent,” this local professional fast-tracked an impressive career start through pursuit of MBA early in career, then moving into public accounting, completing CPA and working on the assurance / audit teams.  Now the current role has progressed but with frustrations arising from owners unwilling to change status quo.  Current role oversees all administration areas for a $30M local manufacturer. Candidate wants more challenge and growth, and a faster paced culture.  Has worked on SAP and other ERP systems.  Exceptional Excel skills.


SUPPLY CHAIN LEADER / INVENTORY and WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT –  Experienced in global distribution and SAP, this candidate has worked recently in a change team in a project management capacity but is confidentially looking for a change to reduce travel.  Background shows clear loyalty, progressive movement into increased responsibilities, and willingness to be flexible, wearing multiple hats over successful tenure of employment!  A local candidate looking to be home a little more!


SENIOR ACCOUNTANT / ASSISTANT CONTROLLER – A South Bend based candidate available for temp or direct-hire, candidate offers strengths in general accounting, analysis, tax, grant work, and software use in Excel and MS Dynamics.  International experience prior to move to South Bend makes for a solid local candidate at a senior but hands-on level.  A very pleasant professional and detailed accountant!


HUMAN RESOURCE PROFESSIONALS!  The Integritas team remains active in SHRM, MHRA, and Southwest Michigan SHRM, and we are able to move quickly in assisting in HR needs.  The market is very tight in this area. 


INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY!  We also have current searches in IT and regularly work this area at the Manager and Director levels. 


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