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Why should my business use an executive recruiter? (Plus – HOT CANDIDATES!)

At Integritas, we are avid readers and news junkies that keep up with current business trends and updates.  The AI Chat developments have been fascinating and the pace of change in our world seems to accelerate every week. We went over to and asked” “Why should a business use an executive recruiter to find talent?”  Amazingly, the response came back in 3-4 seconds and was what we in the business say was “spot on!” 

Take a look at what we think is an amazing response:

A business should use an executive recruiter to find talent for several reasons:

Access to a larger pool of candidates: Executive recruiters have access to a larger pool of candidates, including those who may not be actively looking for a job. They have a network of contacts and can tap into their resources to find candidates who are a good fit for the job.

Expertise in candidate evaluation: Executive recruiters have experience and expertise in evaluating candidates. They know how to identify the skills, experience, and personality traits that are needed for a particular role. They can also assess a candidate’s cultural fit with the organization.

Time-saving: Recruiting for executive-level positions can be a time-consuming process. Executive recruiters can handle the entire process, from sourcing candidates to conducting interviews and negotiating job offers. This allows business owners and managers to focus on other areas of the business.

Confidentiality: Executive recruiters can help businesses maintain confidentiality during the hiring process. They can conduct a search without revealing the identity of the hiring company, which can be important in situations where the company does not want to alert competitors or employees about a new hire.

Higher retention rates: Executive recruiters can help businesses find candidates who are a good match for the company culture and the job requirements. This can lead to higher retention rates and lower turnover, which can save the business time and money in the long run.

Overall, using an executive recruiter can help businesses find the right talent quickly and efficiently while ensuring that the new hire is a good fit for the organization.

So…great reasons to use an executive recruiter according to AI! 

Now, on the hot candidates after an IT blurb below: 

Our IT recruiter, Ben Banik ([email protected]) has been hard at work building his network and candidate pool. Consequently, he is spinning off his own Integritas | IT Newsletter for clients like you! In addition to bios on our Hot IT Candidates, his bi-monthly newsletter will sprinkle in relevant IT topics and/or tips. Rumor has it, Ben has also been researching and experimenting with AI (Artificial Intelligence) apps. The inaugural issue of his newsletter may include a story about the impact of AI as it relates to hiring talented IT professionals…with a shocking reveal! Be on the lookout for his newsletter soon or sign-up using a different email address at

 We were very impressed in meeting this bright HR professional, who came highly referred from a current peer.  Currently in a generalist role with a large, local employer where focus of work has been division communication with corporate, employee relations, workers compensation, FMLA, employee onboarding, recruiting, and benefits orientation and questions.  A very well-rounded, thick-skinned yet friendly and approachable, and high-energy candidate looking for more growth potential! 

SALES EXECUTIVE LOOKING TO STAY LOCAL!  With recent business development experience in the technology space, our team is helping identify a more locally based opportunity due to family obligations with aging parents.  Open to some travel and flexible on specific industries, Primary focus is finding a good team and culture with a reputable brand! 

SHRM-CERTIFIED HR DIRECTOR!  Currently looking due to a company sale, this friend of Integritas is the real deal, a pretty no-nonsense, “get-the-job-done” collaborator and employer advocate who is also an approachable, helpful resource for employees!  Available for some part-time temp consulting work while in the search for a new permanent role, so call us to discuss our Integritas temp offerings! 

CONTROLLER – A CPA with a great career track in the manufacturing space has asked us to keep an eye out for a nice company, single location, privately and locally owned, that could benefit from years of hard work and experiences while possibly providing some better quality of life and not so man 70-hour weeks.  Who can blame that?  Happy to share more details about this wonderful person we have known for years!

EXPERIENCED OPERATIONS AND ENGINEERING PROFESSIONAL – Solid history of exceeding expectations of sales, quality, and customer relationships. This candidate is focused on customer satisfaction, relationships, and providing high-quality products and services. Able to multi-task, thrive in high-pressure environments and resolve conflicts with discretion. Fluent in German with exceptional communication and computer skills.

ACCOMPLISHED CFO – Looking for next assignment. Prefers to stay in Michiana. Skills include corporate finance and analysis, audit, ERP implementation, and overseeing large accounting teams. Big company experience has sharpened this candidate’s saw and your team can benefit! 

DIRECTOR OF MARKETING – Purpose-driven former college athlete is looking to build on successful assignments.  Can remake or improve your marketing efforts. image and communications efforts. High emotional intelligence makes this candidate a great addition to any local business. 

SALES OR FIELD OPS MANAGER – Forward-thinking Manager with proven operations, sales and personnel management abilities. Equipped to drive business success with innovation and strategic approaches. Achievement-oriented, ambitious, and influential leader with articulate communication skills and resourceful nature. Team builder with strong coaching and training skills. Strong Salesforce and Microsoft Office Suite skills. Excellent communication skills and well-versed at customer and vendor relations.

CFO, CPA, and MBA  – 15 years of experience overseeing finance departments and analytics, specializing in the creation, implementation, and support of financial reports, reconciliations, and period closings. Deep accounting knowledge in Aerospace, Manufacturing and Real Estate. 

OPERATIONALLY FOCUSED EXECUTIVE!  A CPA and MBA professional and long-time friend of Integritas has held roles in manufacturing at corporate and plant/division levels, including CFO, General Manager, and COO!  Seeking a new opportunity due to some unexpected changes in current role.  An extremely bright, creative, and well-liked team member who is hands-on in tackling issues common to manufacturers of all sizes and numerous industries, ready to explore a new role!  

CEO/COO/VP of SALES – This triple-threat executive has helped turn around several businesses and could help yours, too!  25+ Years of OEM and Channel Sales Management experience.  Excellent communicator focused on working with internal and external teams to support client needs and meet identified expectations while driving internal culture.

TALENTED CORPORATE STRATEGY PARTNER AND LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROFESSIONAL -Homegrown professional seeking a change in culture and exciting challenging opportunity! This impressive candidate has an MBA, is a disciplined former collegiate athlete, is highly organized, positive, excellent follow-up skills, and a natural leader. Would transition well into most industries but prefers an organization with a culture of integrity and good mission!

EXPERIENCED SALES AND OPERATIONS LEADER!  With an upward-moving career in the machining and tooling industry, this well-liked and respected team member and leader has had roles including Service Technician, Customer Service Manager, head of national sales, and, most recently, US President for a division of an international company.  Very open to speaking about any potential opportunity that could align with background.  Also willing to explore buying a small business operation!

EXCEPTIONAL CFO OR CONTROLLER TALENT!  With a public accounting pedigree early in career, this CPA has had subsequent roles in large corporate settings with two of our area’s largest companies.  With this experience, this candidate has a ton to offer and is well suited for either a Controller or CFO opportunity, especially given strong communication skills, work ethic, and positive outlook!

ACCOUNTING AND OFFICE SUPPORT PROFESSIONAL!  Confidentially looking to explore a new opportunity in Michiana, this candidate has had a very successful run with over 20 years with current employer, touching many areas in the corporate office and accounting department for a privately owned company with multiple holdings!  Time there included work in accounts payable, payroll, journal entries, bank reconciliations, and customer and vendor interaction as needed!

STRONG CONTROLLER – Confidentially seeking a change. This is an experienced accounting professional with a solid history of success with a financial services entity. Skilled at developing and maintaining relationships with both internal and external constituents. Talented problem solver with the ability to identify and implement effective solutions. Possesses strong technical and communication skills!
  Confidentially looking to make a change due to organizational changes and increased demands for hours worked, this candidate has proven record of increased responsibilities.  Recent areas of focus in the last few years include training and retention programs, risk and compliance, policies and procedures development, change management, and strategic planning.  All that said, this candidate developed through years of hands-on work that included customer service, payroll and benefits, and much more!  Now focused on “fit” long-term and family!  

COST ACCOUNTING MANAGER – Cost accountant with a great resume! Has public, manufacturing, staff accountant, assistant controller, financial reporting manager, and cost accountant manager experience. Confidentially exploring possibilities in the Michiana area.

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