HOT August Candidates

Check out our HOT August Candidates:

OPERATIONALLY FOCUSED EXECUTIVE!  A CPA and MBA professional and long-time friend of Integritas has held roles in manufacturing at corporate and plant/division levels, including CFO, General Manager, and COO!  Seeking a new opportunity due to some unexpected changes in current role.  An extremely bright, creative, and well-liked team member who is hands-on in tackling issues common to manufacturers of all sizes and numerous industries, ready to explore a new role!

CONTROLLER/SENIOR ACCOUNTANT – Accomplished accounting executive with loads of practical manufacturing experience!  This pragmatic professional can quickly help upgrade your accounting team and your outdated accounting systems. Skilled in ERP implementation, ERPs – annual planning, budgeting, and long-term planning capacity analysis.  Has worked on plant expansion and other impact projects.

CFO / VP of FINANCE – A CPA with past public accounting experience which led to successful roles in corporate level accounting functions in financial services and manufacturing.  A highly trusted confidant to CEO and corporate leadership, this financial and accounting leader is reliable in providing accurate and timely reporting, communicating results or areas of concern, and providing recommendations for planning and budgeting.  Versatile in the team environment, employee relations and HR oversight fit well into this candidate’s comfort level!

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT / BUSINESS OFFICE MANAGER – Focusing on a good match in St. Joe County to keep commute reasonable, you’ll love the energy, positive attitude, skills, organization, and attention to detail in this experienced office professional!  Accounting support in billing accounts payable, and account reconciliation work, along with skills in customer service and high-end admin support add up to rock-star talent level on this one from Integritas!

TOP HR TALENT SEEKS TO RE-FOCUS INTO HR!  Strongly referred to us by a friend of Integritas, this HR professional wants to re-focus experiences, strengths, and passion into an HR role. More than willing to tackle payroll oversight, benefits, recruiting, onboarding, and employee relations issues. Experienced in manufacturing and healthcare fields!

IT PROGRAMMER/MANAGER – Energetic IT candidate with strong programming, project management, customer service, and support experience who is looking to apply existing programming, analytical and managerial skills in a more tech-focused work environment!  Add an array of soft skills that aren’t always found in tech-minded individuals, including a drive to “continuously learn and grow professionally” and a passion to “teach and guide coworkers and customers,” and this candidate could be a perfect fit as your next IT programmer, project manager, or software/app QA or support director.

TALENTED CORPORATE STRATEGY PARTNER AND LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROFESSIONAL – Homegrown professional seeking a change in culture and exciting challenging opportunity! This impressive candidate has an MBA, is a disciplined former collegiate athlete, is highly organized, positive, excellent follow-up skills, and a natural leader. Would transition well into most industries but prefers an organization with a culture of integrity and good mission!

CPP PURCHASING MANAGER – How about a purchasing manager that is great with vendor negotiations, Excel and has strong relationships with engineering that can help you get your SKUs under control and can increase your buying power? This professional has solid experience in container importation and overseeing the entire purchasing procedure in a manufacturing environment. Solid references, too!

COST ACCOUNTING MANAGER – Cost accountant with a great resume! Has public, manufacturing, staff accountant, assistant controller, financial reporting manager and cost accountant manager experience. Confidentially exploring possibilities in the Michiana area.

EXPERIENCED BILINGUAL HR MANAGER – Available for Temp! This HR manager has a sincere people focus and solid HR manufacturing HR experience and can help you optimize your talent while helping with a bilingual workforce. Skilled in Human Resource Information Systems, policies, benefits and employee relations.

TAX AND SYSTEMS COMPLIANCE DIRECTOR – With past Big 4 public accounting experience internationally, this outstanding candidate has education and experience in international law and tax, with an emphasis and recent experience in tax and technology implementation, which has included systems conversions and implementations, project management, and team management.  With strong interest in staying on a career track in the technology sector, this consummate professional will be a huge asset to a future employer!

ACCOMPLISHED CMA & MBA VP OF FINANCE – Confidentially exploring a new assignment. Get EBITDA squared away with this highly skilled executive that can help your team look around corners and plan strategically for success.  Solid experience leading the accounting, finance, IT and purchasing teams to build scalability, develop leadership capabilities, and enhance culture.